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Ring 703

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Mookaite Jasper

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Mookaite Jasper  Fasion Ring
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Mookaite Jasper Fashion Ring


Metaphysical data supplied by: CrystalsAndJewelry.com


Metaphysical attributes:

Mookaite (Mookite, Mook Jasper, Mook Mook)
Mookaite is a stone of the "here and now." It can help one balance the internal and external and acceptance of change. It helps with living meditation, where one makes a meditation of any act one does. Mookaite is a very protective stone, and is particularly good as an emotional protector. In the physical realm it stabilizes health and fortifies the immune system. Mookaite is associated with the lower chakras.

Mookaite Jasper  Fashion Ring
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Mookaite Jasper Fashion Ring
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