Rings of Stone

one of a kind carved stone finger rings.

Ring 601

Price: $300 per pair



Black Granite

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Black Granite Wedding Rings

Black Granite Wedding Ring Set

Metaphysical data supplied by: CrystalsAndJewelry.com


Metaphysical attributes:

Granite can be used to enable one to “see the big picture” instead of being in the mind-set to “see the puddle, when there is an ocean awaiting”.  It helps to banish the negative traits of skepticism and to train the user in the difference between beliefs and “knowing”.  It helps one to maintain balance in relationships and cooperative efforts, facilitating diplomacy and discretion in all matters, while eliminating negativity with ease.  It has been revered as a “sacred, magical stone”, affording protection and increase to the user.  It has been reported that Granite also brings an increase in money; the mineral inducing recognition of, and generous overtures to, the user while allowing for continuity in modesty by the user.  Granite can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with hair, face and head.