Rings of Stone

one of a kind carved stone finger rings.

Click the thumb nail photo of the ring to see a larger photo and additional information regarding each ring

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Moon Stone on Agate ringWhite Agate on Rhyolite ringBlood Stone on Green Tree Agate ringGolden Tiger Eye on Brazilian Agate ringCz and Onyx on Dalmatian Stone ringHematite and Brazilian Agate on Picasso Stone ringBlack Agate on Leopard Skin Jasper ringBrazilian Agate ringBanded Agate on Picasso Stone ringPetrified Palm Wood on Brazilian Agate ringChinese Writing Stone on Picture Jasper ringYoungite on Carmel colored Jasper ringBlue Tiger Eye on Gold and Blue Tiger Eye ringRed Tiger Eye on Red Tiger Eye ringBiggs Jasper ringGolden Rutilated Quartz on Water Clear Quartz Crystal ringBlue Tiger's Eye Stone ring
Viper Jasper on Unknown Jasper ringWonderstone on Ra Ra Jasper ringCrazy Lace Agate on Big Horn Tiffany Jasper ringJapanese Flag ringPrairie Agate ring
Black Jasper with Brazilian Agate inlay Stone Ring
Charoite with Charoite inlay stone ring