Rings of Stone

one of a kind carved stone finger rings.

Click the thumb nail photo of the ring to see a larger photo and additional information regarding each ring

Fashion Rings

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White Orbicular Agate Fashion RingViper Jasper Fashion RingSeed Nephrite Jade Fashion RingMookaite Jasper Fashion Ring

700. Round White Orbicular Agate

701. Round Viper Jasper

702. Round Seed Nephrite Jade

703. Round Mookaite Jasper

Square Black Jasper  Fashion RingOval Black Jasper  Fashion RingRound Black Jasper Fashion Ring

704. Square Black Jasper

705. Oval Black Jasper

706. Round Black Jasper

Round Kambaba Jasper Fashion RingRound Luna Agate Fashion RingRound Pilbara Jasper Fashion Ring

707. Round Kambaba Jasper

708. Round Luna Agate

709. Round Pilbara Jasper

Square Petrosky Stone  Fashion RingSquare Brazilian Agate Fashion RingSquare Tree Bark Rhyolite Fashion Ring

710. Square Petoskey Stone

711. Square Brazilian Agate

712. Square Tree Bark Rhyolite

Round Ocean Jasper Fashion RingRound Crazy Lace Agate Fashion Ring

713. Round Ocean Jasper

714. Round Crazy Lace Agate