Rings of Stone

one of a kind carved stone finger rings.

Thatís a great idea. Some rocks, however, are too soft to be fabricated into this type of ring. I would have to evaluate your particular stone to be able to answer this question.†

I require 20% down with your order. Upon completion I will photograph the ring and email you the images. If it is satisfactory, I will ship the ring as soon as final payment is made.

I suggest you visit your local jeweler and have him measure you for a ring. If possible have him/her use their wide band ring sizer. My rings all have bands of 6mm or wider. Sorry, I havenít figured out how to resize these rings smaller. For an additional fee most rings can be resized larger by a half or three quarters size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn around time is generally less than 2 weeks. However, if my stock of a particular stone is depleted more time will be required in order for me to locate and purchase the necessary stones. I will be able to advise you of this at our initial contact.

How long will it take to get my ring?

What about ring size? Can they be resized?

Do I need to pay for the ring before you begin work?

Is it possible for you to make a ring with a neat rock I found on vacation?

To contact us:

Phone: 319-331-9026


E-mail: Jim@RingsofStone.com

How fragile are rings made from stone?

Stone rings are not as durable as those made of metal.† You may be familiar with those inexpensive mass produced rings commonly found at flea markets, etc. These rings are machine made and very thin in cross section and often do break easily. Because my rings are all handmade, I spend considerable time selecting the material for my rings to insure their break resistance. I like to compare stone rings with fine china or porcelain. If the owner is careful and respects the fact that it is breakable, a stone ring will survive for many generations. Stone rings have been unearthed in the pyramids of Egypt as well as Roman ruins in the United kingdom.

I attempt to give my customers the very best product I am capable of producing. I provide you with a preliminary sketch of your ring which will help you visualize its proportions. This gives you the opportunity to make revisions in the design before I begin work. When your ring is complete I will furnish you with a number of photos of your ring for your final inspection. At this point you have the opportunity to request alterations, accept the finished ring, or choose not to complete your purchase. If you decide I have not met your expectations your initial 20% down payment is non-refundable but you have no other obligation to complete the purchase.

There is absolutely no guarantee against breakage, of which I have no control. The rings are put under extreme stresses during their creation. Any undetected internal fractures in the stone will show up at this time and the lose will be mine.

Once you accept the finished photos and make your final payment† the ring is yours. There will be absolutely no refunds given. These rings are totally custom made to your design and size and† therefore generally are of little value to anyone else.

What kind of guarantee do you provide on these rings?