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one of a kind carved stone finger rings.

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I have included information on the generally accepted metaphysical attributes of the various stones used in each ring. This is presented for your information only (i.e. no promises).

The price of each ring is determined by three main factors. The complexity of the design, the workability of the stones and finally the rarity of the material used. Each ring requires from four to eight or more hours to complete. Most of the stones used in the gallery examples are readily available† in my stock, others I may have to locate.

Over the years I have encountered a number of inquires for alternative style stone wedding bands. While I personally believe nothing beats the traditional Gold wedding band, I understand and appreciate the desire for wedding bands of stone. I have added a few examples couples have purchased under Wedding Rings.

For something a bit more NOW Iíve added a section I call Fashion Rings. They are available with many of the same high quality materials as my other rings. The obvious difference is the sheer size of these rings. They are huge, yet designed to be as light in weight as my other rings

If youíre looking to save a little money make sure you check my Specials page. These rings are ready to go and have been discounted by about 20%.

If youíre looking for a manís ring, women's ring† or a child's ring that is truly unique as well as earth friendly youíve found the source.

Enjoy the site and contact me with any questions, comments or ideas you might have for that special ring.

When you have an idea of what you like, see the HOW TO ORDER page for† more information.





E-mail: Jim@RingsofStone.com

All of my carved stone rings are one of a kind, designed and crafted individually for each customer. Due to the fact that no two stones are exactly alike, each ring is truly unique. Choosing a Gallery on the navigation buttons on the left will take you to samples of my work. These are just examples of the possibilities for your ring.† Prices shown give you some idea as to the cost of the rings. The shape and stones used is entirely up to you. Maybe even using that interesting stone, fossil, or meteorite you found on a vacation or a rock from your favorite spot on earth. The possibilities are† endless....





Since earliest time man has used stone to create objects both out of necessity as well as objects of beauty.† My interest is in the latter. Nature has blessed the earth with a palette of thousands of different stones, many found only in very small deposits across the globe. Some† are considered more precious than others. As an amateur lapidary I enjoy working with many of those stones considered, at best, to be in the semi-precious category.





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